By Moipone Malefane

The only surviving member of the notorious Stander gang, Allan Heyl, has applied for parole.

The Stander gang consisted of Heyl, Andre Stander and Patrick Lee McCall. They were South Africa's most notorious bank robbers in the 80s.

Heyl is in Krugersdorp Prison where he is serving a sentence of 25 years and, if he is not granted parole, he will be there until 2010.

Correctional Services spokesperson Isaac Mosiane confirmed that Heyl has applied for parole but declined to say more.

McCall was killed when the police raided the gang's hideout in Johannesburg, while Stander fled the country and was killed in a shootout with American police.

Heyl was on the run in Greece but was arrested and deported to South Africa.

Stander was a former police officer and a son of a former police general. He was sentenced to 75 years for armed robbery in 1980 and sent to Zonderwater prison near Cullinan, where he first met McCall and Heyl.

McCall was an expert in car theft and the other two were bank robbers.

Three years later they escaped and started their crime spree across the country.

They wore disguises during the robberies and at times they would rob three banks in a day.

Last year a movie on the Stander gang was released in South Africa, with Heyl used as a consultant about the gang's activities.