Limpopo businessman Rameez Patel during a previous appearance at the Limpopo High Court on Tuesday. Photo: Chester Makana/ANA

Cape Town - Controversial Limpopo businessman Rameez Patel is due to appear in the Polokwane Magistrate's Court for allegedly killing his mother. Mahejeen Banu Patel, 51, was at her home in Nirvana, near Polokwane, with her domestic worker when an armed man opened fire on them in September last year. 

While the domestic worker escaped unscathed, Patel died at hospital a few hours after the shooting. Her son was arrested on September 30, 2017, after police linked him to the murder. 

Rameez Patel and his wife Fatima

Patel is also on trial in the Polokwane High Court for allegedly killing his wife. Fatima Patel was shot and strangled in 2015 in an attack her husband blamed on an intruder. Rameez's brother Razeen was the victim of a shooting just one day before he could testify as a key witness for the State in Fatima’s murder trial.

That case was also postponed to September to give the brother time to recover from his injuries before taking the stand.