Moti family denies interdicting police, confirms moving to Dubai

Published Jan 16, 2022


THE Moti family has denied issuing an interdict against the police and confirmed that they have relocated to Dubai.

In a statement released on Sunday, the Moti family has asked South Africans to understand why they have been silent.

“Since our four sons were returned to us, we have been living in fear of reprisal, which could be caused by speaking out and drawing any further attention to ourselves.

Our boys came home to us but have not yet been able to live freely and without fear. We have been forced to make difficult decisions to ensure their safety and wellbeing, despite the recent and sudden backlash.

“We have not issued an interdict against the police. The media reports about the interdict is a complete falsehood, and the truth can be confirmed by Major-General Manala from SAPS.

“Our sudden departure was beyond our control and a reluctant one at that -- as any parent would understand, the safety of our children comes first. For now, we have relocated in order to create a safe environment for our boys to heal from the trauma of the terrifying ordeal, which many have failed to grasp the gravity and seriousness of.”

"We still hope for a day when we can safely return to our beloved South Africa.“ The Motis added that the boys need time to heal so they can go back to living a ”normal life“.

The statement was signed off by the six Moti family members who are in Dubai.

Private investigators have pleaded with the Moti family to assist police in their investigation into the high-profile kidnapping case.

Last week, it was revealed that the investigation into the kidnapping of the brothers Zia, Alwaan, Zayyad, and Zidan Moti had hit a snag after the brothers had been interdicted from speaking to the police by their father, Nazim Moti.

In October, the boys were on their way to school when armed suspects broke a window and unlocked the vehicle they were travelling in.

A grey SUV arrived on the scene and the children were bundled into the vehicle.


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