WATCH: Municipal building on fire in Musina due to water protest

Published May 16, 2022


Johannesburg - A building of the Musina Municipality was set on fire on Monday as unrest continued in the area over complaints of a water crisis.

Local residents continued to take to the streets as they protested against the Vhembe District Municipalities failure to supply water to the community.

The protests began last Tuesday in Musina. They had brought the town to a complete standstill as chaos ensued in the streets resulting in the closure of schools, roads were blocked and shops were closed and others looted. A week later protests are ongoing, and have led to the extensive damage of a municipality building.

Due to the unrest a heavy police presence was deployed in the streets and many arrests have been made since the protests began last week.

The protests for water come after years of water issues in the community which include complaints of constant interrinterruption to water supply and complaints or poor infrastructure among other issues.

For over a decade Vhembe district Municipality has been responsible for the supply of water but has allegedly failed to do so.

Community Activist, Sewani “Jaycy” Kawunda said the community has had enough.

“The people of Musina want the water authority to go back to Musina because Vhembe is failing,” said Kawunda

Kaunda added “Vhembe District Municipality has the budget but they are not providing the water.”

The community has expressed their frustration in the districts failure to provide functioning water systems but instead giving them water tankers that do not serve everyone.

“In a meeting earlier this year, with Water and Sanitation Department deputy minster and municipal representatives present, Community members barged in and asked Vhembe District Municipality about their water distribution plans and they had none. said Kawunda

In the wake of the ongoing protests Acting Executive Mayor of Vhembe District, Cllr Anderson Mudunungu and Mayor of Musina, Godfrey Mawela are said to have called an urgent community meeting, on Tuesday, 17 May at 10am at the Skoonplaas stadium to address the community regarding their concerns.

Community members hope that their plea’s have been heard ahead of the community meeting.