The border post between South Africa and Zimbabwe regulates one of the busiest crossing and trade control points on the continent.
The Beitbridge border post has made headlines recently after large amounts of explosives, illegal cigarettes and drugs were confiscated from vehicles entering South Africa. In the most recent incident, three people were arrested for allegedly trying to enter South Africa with a large quantity of explosives concealed in a truck.  However, few South Africans understand the significance of this key entry point into the country.

Here are five quick facts about Beitbridge:

1. The border post, which forms the political border between South Africa and Zimbabwe, is the busiest road border post in southern Africa. 

2. It  is situated on the Alfred Beit Road Bridge, which crosses  the Limpopo River between Musina in South Africa and Beitbridge in Zimbabwe. 

3. Unlike many other South African border posts, Beitbridge is open 24 hours a day.

4. More than 30 000 people cross the border between South Africa and Zimbabwe daily.

5. The most popular contraband crossing the border includes cigarettes, drugs, poultry and most importantly, human beings.