Kruger National Park. August 2007. A hippo yawns at the Sweni hide near Nwanetsi. Picture: Etienne Rothbart.

Modimolle - A young bull hippo has become trapped in a swimming pool on a game farm near Modimolle in Limpopo, and no one knows how to get him out.

Animal rights activist Selomie Maritz was called by a farmer on Tuesday night and asked if she could help.

“We believe that the bull was kicked out of its family group and wandered into the pool,” said Maritz.

“It hasn’t been in there longer than two days,” she said.

Maritz said the pool was narrow and about 2m deep.

Maritz had turned to the online community crime-fighting organisation eblockwatch.

“We have even got tow truck drivers offering to help. They said that if they can pull a truck, they can definitely pull a hippo out of a pool,” said eblockwatch founder Andre Snyman.

A couple of jokers had also come forward with suggestions.

“I even had someone ask why don’t we lure him out with chomp chocolate,” said Snyman, referring to the old TV advert.

More serious suggestions included draining the pool and building a ramp of sand so that the hippo could walk out. Snyman asked for vets and game-capture experts to come forward with ideas.


said she could move the hippo onto her farm, which has five dams. She was expected to try to feed the hippo on Thursday.

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