Massacre suspect caught on video, say cops

By Johan Schronen Time of article published Jan 28, 2003

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Sizzlers massacre investigators say they have video footage of one of the killers.

A stout man with reddish-blond hair, fitting the description of one of the suspects in the mass Sea Point killings early last Monday, was captured by closed circuit television cameras in a block of flats near the massage parlour.

The cameras caught him apparently attempting another attack that same evening at the home of Gay and Lesbian alliance leader, Juan Uys, a stone's throw away from Sizzlers.

Protecting the investigation, police kept quiet about the breakthrough just hours after the slaughter that claimed the lives of eight male prostitutes and the agency boss.

One escort, the only survivor, is recovering in Groote Schuur Hospital under police guard.

The male escorts were tied up with duct tape, had their throats slit with a carpet knife and were each shot in the head with a single 7.65 calibre bullet between 2am and 4am.

Detectives kept the attempted attack on Uys, which was foiled by two night security staff in the block, under wraps, hoping to track him down before media attention drove him underground.

The drama at Uys's home unfolded when he pressed his panic alarm to call the security guards to his flat as a man was trying to force his way inside.

The man and an alleged accomplice pulled up in a double-cab bakkie with dark tinted windows outside the Bordeaux complex in Beach Road about 10.15pm.

One of the men remained in the vehicle while the other sneaked up to Uys's flat and started banging on his door demanding to see him.

Uys picks up the story:

"I was terrified. He probably wanted to surprise me and must have scaled the security fence because he did not sound the intercom buzzer downstairs like a normal visitor.

"I pretended not to be home but he spotted me moving around in my flat and shouted for me to open up.

"I could see the man's blondish hair through my kitchen window so I pressed my panic button fearing that he was one of the Sizzlers killers.

"Security staff reached my flat in just a few moments and escorted him out of the building."

Uys said the suspects had circled the block in a white Mazda bakkie at least three times before disappearing.

Police arrived at the flat soon afterwards and combed the area for the men.

Detectives on the Sizzlers case had scanned their computerised database for profiles of known criminals fitting the description of the murderers and found pictures of two men bearing tattoos depicting a snake and the words "Fast Guns", a notorious Gauteng gang.

When police showed the Bordeaux security guards the photographs they immediately recognised one of the men as Uys's hostile visitor.

Uys said the man was extremely well built, wore a checked shirt and green knee-length pants.

The guards also handed detectives the videotapes from the closed circuit television security system showing the man entering the block.

Uys said the guards who had come to his rescue were "500 percent" sure that one of the men they had dealt with was the same person in the police photographs, only now he looked a few years older.

Police told the guards that the pictures were taken about five years ago when the man was arrested for drugs.

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