Gone are the days of studying for your matric exams using class notes with illegible handwriting. Websites and online resources are fast becoming the better option.
Cape Town -   Gone are the days of studying for your matric exams using stacks of class notes that has rushed and illegible handwriting. Websites and online resources are fast becoming the better option.
“The online educational resources that are now  available mean that laptops, 2-in-1 devices, tablets and phones now help children learn, and  better yet, learn in a way with which they are more familiar and which captures their attention for  longer,”  said Jasmine Lin, Product Manager and Marketing Head at  ASUS South Africa.

Most online resources are free, making it easily accessible for those who do not have the financial means to pay for extra tuition.

We have listed a number of online resources that can be accessed on any device, at any time.

1.   The Department of Basic Education has past exam papers to help Grade 10- 12 learners. It also has a number of apps for science and maths as well as  study guides.

2. The  Integral Calculator allows pupils to check solutions to those challenging Calculus exercises. In addition to that, it shows how to get to the answer step-by-step, making it easier to practise on your own.

3.  Paper Video offers past exam papers with step-by-step video lessons. This innovative concept is created by experienced South African teachers.

4. NGO  Khan Academy  aims to provide "free and world-class education" in the form of short YouTube lessons. 

5.  YouTube is not only for music and other videos. The popular site has an abundance of information and tutorials on a vast number of subjects. 

6. Free grade 12 study aid  Gapup promises to accelerate matric students learning in three hours. C hoose an interactive exam from subjects such as Mathematics, Physical Science, Life  Science, Geography, History, Economics, Business Studies, Mathematical Literacy and English. Complete and submit the interactive past exams. You will be marked on this and receive results, corrections as well problem areas and study tasks.  Using the study tasks, complete the recommended actions to help you conquer the flagged problem.

7.  Duolingo  is a free language-learning platform that includes and website and an app. It offers 81 different language courses across 37 languages. There are no indigenous South African languages.

8.  miEbooks is an interactive e-reader that enables users to add notes, sketches, make highlights and generate summaries to specific sections of an e-book. All books and resources are available offline and are backed-up whenever users connect to the Internet or Wi-Fi. It is to be noted that it is not free. 

9. On the eBook note, online bookshelf program  VitalSource can be used to access eBooks for your courses. You can download, access and read course materials using this programme.