Mobster, his wife and the alleged molester

Published Mar 6, 2009


Alleged paedophile and former racehorse owner Mark Lifman is facing another court battle - this time with the widow of Yuri "The Russian" Ulianitski.

Irina Ulianitskaya has lodged a court application against Lifman in which she claims that he and her husband were involved in business ventures for close to 10 years.

Ulianitski was killed in a hail of bullets in May 2007. The couple's four-year-old daughter was also killed in the attack.

Now Ulianitskaya is after the money to which she believes her husband was entitled. But Lifman claims Ulianitski owed him substantial amounts of money for paying off his gambling debts.

Ulianitskaya says in an urgent application lodged in the Cape High Court that she was left destitute after her husband's death.

She wants the court to order that her husband and Lifman were involved in three partnerships, with Ulianitski having a 50 percent share in two and a 15 percent share in the third.

She has asked the court to order that the partnerships be liquidated and that a liquidator be appointed to prepare a final account and pay the necessary amounts to her.

The application is to be heard on March 26.

In court papers, Ulianitskaya says she has survived on the goodwill of family and friends since her husband's death.

Lifman's claims were delaying the finalisation of her husband's estate. In an affidavit she said she was the executor of the estate.

Ulianitskaya has cited Lifman in his personal capacity and as the trustee of the Lifmar Trust, which entered into the business ventures with Ulianitski.

According to her papers, the ventures included the redevelopment of a sectional title scheme in Sea Point, known as The Firmont, the redevelopment of a building in the city centre which included the running of a club and letting of rooms, and the acquisition of property in Main Road, Sea Point.

Ulianitskaya said her husband and their joint estate were entitled to a percentage of the profits generated from the properties, and a percentage share in the net capital value of the properties.

The only dispute, she said, was the amount owed to the estate.

She said there were three partnerships: The Cancun partnership, the Corpclo partnership and the Seasons Find partnership.

Ulianitskaya said the Corpclo partnership was an investment conducted through Corpclo 701 cc, of which Lifman is the sole member.

The close corporation owns the city centre building.

Ulianitskaya said she believed Lifman held the members' interest in the close corporation on behalf of the partnership with Ulianitski.

She added that the close corporation also had a Rolls Royce and Mercedes Benz registered in its name and that the Mercedes had belonged to her husband, but that Lifman had "unilaterally" sold the vehicle.

She said the Sea Point property acquired by the Seasons Find partnership was registered in the name of the Seasons Find 764 cc, of which Lifman was a sole member.

She said her husband obtained an acknowledgement of the percentage shares before his death and gave it to his attorneys for safekeeping. The acknowledgement provided for her security should anything happen to her husband.

She claims the partnerships were terminated when her husband died, and should now be liquidated.

Ulianitskaya said that she and Lifman were unable to agree on the manner in which the liquidation should be carried out.

She said Lifman claims that her husband owed him money for expenses paid on his behalf, and for gambling debts. According to Lifman, these total R1.4-million.

Lifman is currently facing seven charges of indecent assault and is due to appear in court again on Tuesday.

In November 2000 Ulianitski and Lifman were charged with assaulting a jockey who allegedly refused to fix a race.

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