By Nalisha Kalideen and Gill Gifford

Donovan Moodley, serving a life sentence for kidnapping and killing Leigh Matthews, is angry that police have not tracked down his accomplices 10 months after he was sentenced.

And while in jail Moodley has been drafting his own legal application for a retrial.

In a letter to The Star, Moodley revealed police had visited him on Tuesday to request assistance in "furthering investigations".

Moodley was sentenced to life in prison last August after he had pleaded guilty to kidnapping Leigh from the Bond University campus in Sandton, extorting R50 000 ransom from her father Rob Matthews and shooting her.

Three months after Judge Joop Labuschagne had convicted him, Moodley petitioned the Johannesburg High Court, claiming that he had not acted alone and that he had been framed.

He also said he intended to apply for a retrial.

Moodley, who is in the Johannesburg Prison, said he was called to a senior official's office at 9am yesterday.

The investigating officer Piet Byleveld and another policeman were waiting for him.

Moodley claimed Byleveld asked him about his family and ex-fiancée Yeshika Singh.

But, he wrote in the letter, he had passed on all information about his accomplices to police after he was arrested.

The letter read: "I had told him the truth, which implicates others, two days after my arrest."

It has been more than seven months since Moodley announced plans to ask for a retrial, and provide details about the alleged involvement of accomplices in Leigh's murder.

Michal Pillay, Moodley's sister, said his application for a retrial would go ahead within the next two weeks.

Moodley will have to provide strong supporting evidence for the court to consider overturning his conviction and granting a new trial.

Byleveld declined to comment on Moodley's allegations.

"I did go and visit him in prison, but I'm not prepared to get into a battle with him about what he's claiming."

State advocate Zaais van Zyl SC, who tried Moodley, said: "We would not have prosecuted if we didn't at least have a prima facie case. I am convinced this is the right man."