South African model and popular celebrity Lee-Ann Liebenberg, 35, is looking forward to spending quality time with her daughters Gabriella, 3, and Gia, 7, on Mother’s Day. Picture: Armand Hough/ANA Pictures
Cape Town - As far as important days on the calendar go, Mother’s Day is top by a country mile. Ask any mum - she’ll tell you!

It is a day when mothers are honoured, celebrated, showered with love and, of course, showed appreciation by way of gifts - often expensive ones.

South African model Lee-Ann Liebenberg, 35, has been a mother for seven years. She has two daughters, Gia, seven, and three-year-old Bella.

Liebenberg says she is “obsessed with fragrances”, so her hints for a Mother’s Day gift could not be clearer. “A new perfume would be lovely,” she said, though admits “anything from my children would be special”.

Her plans for Sunday involve quality time with her daughters and friends, and their children, at a popular Cape Town hangout. Liebenberg also has plenty of praise for her mum, Adrienne, who she describes as “amazing” and “inspirational”.

Radio and TV personality Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp is also excited about celebrating Mother’s Day. She has two daughters, Annabelle and Esther Beth.

Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp, with her daughters Annabelle and Esther Beth, believes it’s simple gifts that are most special. Picture: Supplied

Afrika-Bredenkamp says she is one for “simple, important things, hugs and words that uplift”. “I’m also hoping for some hot chocolate and watching a movie with my girls,” she added.

And she has some simple advice for kids wanting to treat their moms: “If you are gifting mom, make it special, really special. Motherhood is rewarding and not always easy, so you want to show your mom how much she really means to you.

“A home-made card in the mail, and flowers delivered, if you live far away, and a face-to-face lunch or dinner with loads of hugs and kisses.”

Afrika-Bredenkamp has fond memories of Mother’s Day when she was younger. She and her siblings would “make breakfast for mommy in bed”.

“I remember, even if she was awake, the idea was for her to stay in bed until we arrive with the tray in bed. She’d pretend to sleep, so that we ‘wake her up’ and then enjoy her breakfast in bed,” she said.

Celebrity chef Siba Mtongana, 33, who has just finished shooting a third season of her cooking show, Siba’s Table, has two sons and a daughter.

Celebrity chef and Siba’s Table host Siba Mtongana, who has two sons and a daughter with her husband, Brian, says the kitchen is where the best memories with her mother were made. Picture: Supplied

She believes the kitchen is where the best memories with mothers are made, and can recall a delightful recipe passed down by her mum.

“On Mother’s Day, you can share great moments and spend quality time with your mom trying out our traditional midday snack mfino made of onion, spinach and maize meal, it is one of my favourites,” Mtongana said.

“I even jazzed it up with fritters topped with soy mayo and cooked smoked peppered salmon.”

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