On a game drive in the Skukuza area in the Kruger National Park. Picture: Karen Sandison/African News Agency (ANA)

Mpumalanga - Chief executive officers (CEOs) from various companies visited the Kruger National Park on Friday to learn about what SanParks is doing to help curb rhino poaching, with the hopes of receiving funding from the private sector.

Peace Parks Foundation CEO Werner Myburgh said the park was the biggest economic driver in Mpumalanga.

The foundation has assisted the Kruger National Park for three years, injecting around R80 million towards anti-poaching measures including infrastructure and donating equipment.

"This is organised crime," Myburgh said.

He added that the important part of curbing poaching was to figure out who the buyers of the horns were and where the products were moving to.

"It's possible to stabilise poaching, wildlife is one of the most important developments in our country. You'll always have tourism. People come to Africa for wildlife."

The business leaders took a 45-minute flight out of the city and had an opportunity to explore the park.

Myburgh said it was vital for the private sector to work together and assist the park because tourism was a big contributor to the economy.

Other CEOs that are present at excursion are Protea Chemicals, South African Tourism and Total South Africa.

African News Agency/ANA