Theo Jackson and Willem Oosthuizen File picture: ANA

Middelburg - The two men who assaulted farmworker Victor Mlotshwa before shoving him into a coffin, were on Friday sentenced to 11 years and 14 years in prison in the Middelburg High Court in Mpumalanga.

Theo Jackson and Willem Oosthuizen were found guilty on six of the seven charges on August 25. The charges include attempted murder and also the assault of another farmworker, Dalton Sithole.  

Jackson was sentenced to 14 years and Oosthuizen 11 years for their roles in the assault.

Jackson and Oosthuizen were arrested late last year after a video showing them shoving Mlotshwa into a coffin went viral on social and other media platforms.

Commenting on the judgment last month, Mlotshwa said he wanted a 15-year jail sentences for both Jackson and Oosthuizen 

African News Agency