Gift of the Givers dispatched to Nkomazi Municipality after severe flooding due to heavy rain

Published Feb 12, 2023


Johannesburg – The heavy floods have resulted in the damage of homes and roads and have left many families displaced. Hospital services have also been suspended in these areas and schooling is also expected to be affected.

Gift of the Givers Gauteng Community Liaison Officer Cliffort Mabe said, “I received an alert call this afternoon from Dimpo, a member of the SAPS, about the flood situation in Mpumalanga province, in the Nkomazi Municipality.”

Mabe added, “Following a teleconference with the MEC of the Department of Social Development, Disaster Management office and the SAPS, we were provided with the number of affected people from different villages and pictures of affected properties.”

The Gift of the Givers team is currently transporting all urgent supplies and members using a SAPS helicopter as there is only one road which links to the different villages, which has since been broken.

“The situation is still volatile as it is still raining,” said Mabe.

This is a developing story, more details will be provided by the Gift of the Givers.