Picture: luctheo/Pixabay

JOHANNESBURG - A receptionist at the optometry practice of Percy Rathogwa in Thulamahashe, Mpumalanga, was arrested for allegedly treating patients as an optometrist whilst not being registered, the health professions council of South Africa (HPCSA) said on Tuesday.

HPCSA Daphney Chuma said a receptionist was arrested during an operation by their inspectorate office in collaboration with the road traffic management corporation.

"She was conducting fraudulently in the completion of eye screening certificates for applicants in obtaining their learner’s/driving licences and driving permits at the traffic department."

"The HPCSA is working with law enforcement and other regulatory institutions in the health sector and members of public to expose these illegal and fraudulent practitioners," Chuma said. 

"It is a collective responsibility to ensure that illegal practitioners are exposed and stopped, but most importantly reported so that they may be prosecuted."

African News Agency (ANA)