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Sunday, August 14, 2022

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Muslim Judicial Council issues ‘short fatwa’ against gays

PUBLISH: Muslim Judicial Council issued at fatwa

PUBLISH: Muslim Judicial Council issued at fatwa

Published Jul 6, 2022


The Muslim Judicial Council on Tuesday issued a fatwa on homosexuality, saying Islam has no place for men and women living a gay lifestyle.

The governing body published a seven-point fatwa, or Islamic decree, as Pride Month in June came to an end.

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The MJC admitted that a “short fatwa” could not cover everything in what should ideally be a “multi-faceted discussion”.

The fatwa clarifies that Islam’s primary sources of legislation are the Qur’an, the Sunnah (lifestyle and teachings of the prophet Muhammad SAW) and Ijma – or scholarly consensus- all of which “unequivocally prohibit same-sex actions and, by extension, same-sex marriage”.

“This ruling falls under a category of directives classified as “known to be part of the Islamic faith by necessity,” it said in a statement.

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“The one who contests the ruling belonging to this category has effectively rejected the categorical law of Allah.

“They have consequently taken themselves out of the fold of Islam.”

However, this ruling only applied to those who act upon their feelings of homosexuality, the MJC said.

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“A person who has desire for the same sex but who does not contest the law of Allah remains Muslim.

“He or she is in the same category as one who desires to fornicate but who does not contest the Sacred Law.”

The MJC said these persons should be “commended for their struggle”, and encouraged those “who are tested with such desire” to develop a close relationship with their Creator.

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It also advised the Muslim community to include such persons in social activities and not to ostracise them.

In addition, it said that Muslims had a right and duty to teach their children the rulings of Islam and not expose them to un-Islamic teachings that are detrimental to their faith.

Lastly it appealed to Muslims to be tolerant when engaging with the LGBT community and not to spread hatred.

“Our religion teaches us to hate the sin, not the sinner.”

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