Nandos has taken up the challenge laid down by Santam after the chicken retailer spoofed one of the insurance giants TV adverts.

Fast food chain Nando’s accepted a “food challenge” put to it by insurance company Santam, and has already delivered its first free meals to the Joburg Children’s Home.

“We have done it already; we didn’t want to disappoint,” Nando’s marketing director Quentin Cronje said. “We will be doing it every month for the next 12 months.”

Earlier this month Nando’s, known for humour in advertising, released a spoof of a Santam television advert featuring British actor Ben Kingsley.

In the Santam advert Kingsley stands at a bar, while the waiter behind him comes and goes, subtly changing his clothing each time.

In the Nando’s spoof a local actor takes off Kingsley, while Nando’s meals on the counter undergo obvious changes.

On Tuesday Santam replied with a new advert, saying it would overlook the cribbed advert, if Nando’s delivered a large order of food to the children’s home by 4pm on Thursday.

Cronje hailed Santam’s response and said it was amazing that two SA brands could work together. “We might even be doing a little response back to them,” Cronje said. – Sapa