Hawks spokesman McIntosh Polela has been suspended three weeks after making a controversial reference to prison rape on Twitter, police said. File photo.


Johannesburg - He may be a Hawk, but this colonel is selling chicken.

It isn’t that colonel with the “original recipe of 11 herbs and spices” who is selling chicken, it is the other colonel – the latest Twitter casualty, Hawks spokesman Colonel McIntosh Polela, who has become the tail-end of a Nando’s advertisement campaign.

The spokesman put his foot in it when he added his 16 words to the Jub Jub Twitter debate last Wednesday.

“I trust that JubJub’s supporters gave him a jar of Vaseline to take to prison,” Polela fired off.

#Vaseline briefly trended, there was an uproar, Polela apologised and Nando’s hatched a plan.

“You shouldn’t tweet when you’re hungry, McIntosh,” the poster quips.

“Next time you’re thinking about tweeting, do yourself (and your followers) a favour and come to Nando’s instead. Unlike your jokes, our flame-grilled Peri Peri chicken is always tasteful.”

Polela joins a rogue’s gallery of politicians and dictators that Nando’s has poked fun at and used to market its chicken. These include Julius Malema, Robert Mugabe and Muammar Gaddafi.

What does Polela think of it all? He has given them the bird, kind of.

He turned to Twitter to voice his opinion. “And Nandos owes me money 4 using my name to advertise chicken,” he tweeted.

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