Cape Town. 201114. Power utility Eskom has confirmed that stage one of load shedding has started. Stage one allows for up to 1000 MW of the national load to be shed. This is the third time the utility has implemented load shedding this year. Eskom earlier said it was looking into reports of another weakness found at one of its coal silos at the Majuba Power Station.The utility has been experiencing problems since the collapse of a silo at the power station in Mpumalanga earlier this month. Picture Leon Lestrade. Story Wendyll Martin


Johannesburg - There was no indication of rolling blackouts on Tuesday, but the power grid remained under pressure, Eskom said.

“We are looking relatively okay for today but the system is constantly constrained, so if something unexpected happens we might have to implement load shedding,” the power utility's media desk said.

On Monday, Eskom said the power system was expected to be extremely constrained this week, as businesses and schools reopened.

The demand for electricity was expected to increase, with a moderate risk of power cuts.

“The system remains vulnerable, meaning that any extra load or faults in the system may necessitate the need to implement load shedding,” Eskom said in a statement on Monday.

On Friday stage one rolling blackouts were implemented from 11am to just after 5pm as demand for electricity exceeded supply. Stage one allows for up to 1000MW of the national load to be shed.