David Bullard. Photo: Paballo Thekiso
David Bullard. Photo: Paballo Thekiso

No thanks, rape NGO tells Bullard

By LERATO MBANGENI Time of article published Feb 13, 2014

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Johannesburg - Having been labelled a “rape apologist”, David Bullard tried to make peace by starting a donation drive for the Rape Crisis Centre, but it rejected his money.

The controversial columnist started his attempt at donating with this tweet:

“Followers, please donate to @RapeCrisis and I’ll start the ball rolling with R3 000. Bank details please.”

The Rape Crisis Centre responded by saying: “@RapeCrisis will not be party to @lunchout2’s whitewashing his actions through associating himself with us. We decline his donation.”

This move received a great deal of support from tweeters.

@chocoz28 tweeted: “So proud of @RapeCrisis decision not to accept Bullard’s donation. Today they stood by victims and survivors and against rape apology.”

These sentiments were shared by @awkwardoptimist, who said: “When I heard Bullard was donating to Rape Crisis, my gut reaction was “F**k it, if I was them I wouldn’t take his filthy money.”

Bullard started a Twitter war when he commented that Michelle Solomon, a court reporter and rape activist, had lied about being raped.

“Face facts Mish (Michelle). You got horribly drunk, had a bonk, regretted it in the morning and called it rape to protect your reputation,” Bullard tweeted in one of several messages to her.


When the Rape Crisis Centre declined his cash, Bullard said he believed it was a “big fat middle finger to rape victims”.

Deep Fried Man, a musical comedian and writer, also weighed in, tweeting: “You know you’re an a**hole when @RapeCrisis won’t even take your money, as is the case with David Bullard.”

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