Forum 4 Service Delivery councillor Napoleon Webster. FILE PHOTO: ANA

Rustenburg - Drama erupted at special council meeting in Rustenburg on Monday, where councillors exchanged heated words, wagged fingers at each other and nearly punched each other.

The meeting was called to appoint the acting director of the Rustenburg Rapid Transport (RRT) amongst others.

Forum 4 Service Delivery whip Napoleon Webster accused the mayor Mpho Khunou of "having a personal interest" in the RRT project.

"This boy lacks experience, he has experience as a teller and now we want to put the responsibility of our road networks on him. The mayor had a personal interest in this appointment. There is a public outcry that the mayor has personal interest in the RRT projects."

A number of African National Congress (ANC) councillors objected and simultaneously stated order.

"Will you stop this hooligans hallowing at me," Webster said.

Lucky Kgaladi of the ANC rise on a point of order stating that Webster had been insulting councillors every time he spoke in council meeting.

"Councillor Webster undermines council, in every sitting he used an inappropriate language in council. He must stop this nonsense..."

Opposition councillor rained on him. 

Abinaar Matlhoko and Johannes Motshwane both of the Economic Freedom Fighters wanted him to withdrew the word "nonsense" stating that Matlhoko was asked the withdrew the word earlier as it was deem not fit to be used in council.

An irate Kgaladi stood up and went outside while opposition councillors wanted him to withdrew his words.

Single Whip Lekgotla Mataboge restored order and Speaker Sheila Mabale-Huma stated that Webster had been constantly using unacceptable words in council and ruled that order would be applied to him, if he continued not towing the line.

Webster refused the withdrew his statement that Khunou had personal interest in the RRT project.

"This is public opinion I cannot withdraw it."

Pogiso Bothomane of the F4SD requested that councillors should be given Moleele's CV to satisfy themselves that he is qualified for the job.

"I concur and change my stance, he is qualified. We cannot appoint him on a month to month contract we rather say we appoint him for a period not exceeding three months," said Bothomane.

Despite his whip stating that the party would not endorse the appointment.

Moleele was appointed the acting director for three months. He holds a bachelor of commerce in transport economics from the North West University.

African News Agency