Residents of Majakaneng south of Brits, protest outside the Brits Magistrate's Court, calling for the court not to grant bail to Matthew Benson accused of the murder of Tebogo Ndlovu of Majakaneng and the attempted murder of two of his friend. Picture: Molaole Montsho/ANA

Brits - The State has a strong case against a man accused of shooting a man in Majakaneng, the Brits Magistrate's Court heard on Friday.

"The blood found at the scene tested positive with the blood of the mother of the missing man and again cartridges found at the scene matched the 9 mm pistol confiscated at the farm," Lieutenant Colonel Isaac Tlhapi told the court.

He was testifying in the bail application of Matthew Benson, 24, charged with the murder of Tebogo Ndlovu of Majakaneng south of Brits and two counts of attempted murder of two of his friends. Ndlovu has not been seen since the shooting on August 2. The gun used belongs to Benson's father.

He told the court that Ndlovu and his two friends went to the farm near Majakaneng with the intention of stealing scrap metals to sell.

"While at the farm the accused spotted them, they ran way and shot at them, the victim [Ndlovu] was hit. The two men carried him but, left him behind because he was heavy for them, and the accused was chasing after them."

He said the two men run up a mountain and when they looked back where they have left Ndlovu they saw a van, a tractor and a trailer as well as a group of about six people. 

The saw a white man and a black man at the scene. The two went to Ndlovu's mother to report it but, she decided not to report the incident to the police and only went to the Mooinooi police station on August 3, a case of missing person together with attempted murder was opened.

Jeff Moyo, for Benson, said it was in the interest of justice for his client to be released on bail.

He said Benson would not evade trail, he would not interfere with witnesses and investigation.

"The accused will not run away, his girlfriend is a senior member of the police in Hartbeespoort Dam, he cannot run away, he had ample time to do so from the day of the incident up to his arrest on September 16. He co-operated with the police through out [the investigation] he was available every time the police needed him."

Moyo told the court that even when the police called Benson to report at the police station because they want to charge him, he did not resist.

"He presented himself to the police on September 16, it was his girlfriend's 21st birthday. They had planned to celebrate the day long time ago but, he did comply and handed himself to the police."

Tlhapi told the court investigation were still ongoing, and he need to trace men seen at the crime.

"We are still searching for the victim," Tlhapi said.

Benson intends to plead not guilty to the charge and offered to pay R2 000 bail. 

The case was postponed to September 27 for argument.