Johannesburg - A man who allegedly murdered his girlfriend's other lover was attacked by community members on Sunday in Madobogo Village, North West police said.

The 36-year-old man had gone to visit his girlfriend late on Saturday night, when he apparently found her with another man, said Captain Amanda Funani in a statement.

“A fight ensued between the suspect and his girlfriend and the latter's other boyfriend intervened and defended the woman.”

The man then apparently stabbed the other boyfriend, aged 37, in the chest with a beer bottle.

The man then died on the scene.

On Sunday morning members of the village hunted down the alleged murderer at his aunt's house.

“They took the law into their own hands by beating him up, before handing him over to the local police station.”

Funani said the man was only slightly injured by the mob and had been taken to a clinic for treatment. He will appear in the Atamelang Magistrates' Court on Monday.

No assault charges have been registered against the mob. - Sapa