Brits - One of the eight people accused of the murder of a Mooinooi couple will not be in danger if granted bail, the Brits Magistrate's Court heard on Friday.

Responding to a question from his lawyer Kgomotso Moagi about his safety should he be granted bail, murder accused Moses Rakubu said: "I will not be in danger".

Rakubu told the court that except for, Alex Mudau, he knew all his co-accused and went on to explain how he was acquainted with them.

He said he knew Aaron Sithole for at least six years. He said they had worked together at a Paardekraal scrap yard, near Boitekong Mall in Rustenburg. 

Rakubu said he worked for Koos Strydom, whose wife Mercia Witney van Rooi was also known to him. Rakubu said he also knew his employer's son Vincent Strydom and his girlfriend Maruschka Opperman. Van Rooi had also worked with Jack Mokotedi.

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The state alleges that Aaron Sithole, 23, Koos Strydom, 53, Jack Mokotedi, 18, Alex Mudau, 36, Moses Rakubu, 33, Vincent Strydom, 29, Maruschka Opperman, 18 and Mercia Witney van Rooi, 21, kidnapped, robbed and killed lesbian couple Joey van Niekerk, 32, and Gesina Sophia Anisha van Niekerk, 30, of Mooinooi.

The same sex married couple went missing on 10 December. They left for a funeral in Pretoria, but never arrived. Their car was found six days later. It had been set alight in the Magaliesburg area.

In a case of of amnesia, Rakubu told the court he could not remember when was he arrested, but prosecutor, Christine Molautsi, was having none of it.

"You seems to know all events of your arrest except the date, you earlier testified that you went to your aunt to inform her that you need to do a traditional ritual ceremony on December 25, how many days were left before that ceremony?" she asked .

To which Rakubu responded: "I am not sure of the date but, it could be six days before the ritual ceremony. All I know I was arrested in the early hours of Saturday, but could not remember the date".

Magistrate Semakaleng Thamage noticed that the other murder accused were making signs to Rakubi as he gave his testimony and warned them not to do so.

Rakubu testified that police took him to area, where he was shown remains of a burnt tyres. He said police told him to point out the tyre marks. He said the police told him the place he was pointing out was where the murdered couple's car was set alight.

The bail hearing continues.

African News Agency/ANA