Journalist watch a mixed breed tiger named Crystal at the Kudusrus predator park in Boshoek near Rustenburg. Picture: ANA/Stringer

Rustenburg - Animal poaching has led to many animals going extinct, this includes a rare breed of Siberian tigers, Kudusrus manager Ben Van Staden said.

The predator park in Boshoek near Rustenburg in the North West was unfortunate to experience two lion poachings in 2018, he said.

"It was a huge blow to the park when it happened,"  he told journalists on a media tour around the Moses Kotane local municipality.

The tour is aimed to promote tourism and tourist attractions within the municipality.

Kudusrus has about 30 lions, eight tigers and a cross-breed. They have breeders permits that allow them to practice. 

There is a mixed tiger that is part Siberian and part Bengal named Crystal.

"This tiger is a mixed breed because they are slowly disappearing. She is three-years-old and is enclosed with a six-year-old year male. We are trying to get them to breed but it is not easy," he said. 

Crystal is a white tiger, she got her name from her clear crystal eyes. The tiger was bought to the park about 18 months ago from another predator park.

As a Bengal mixed breed, she can easily breed with any type of a tiger. She is enclosed with a normal Siberian tiger, the pair is expected to produce normal tigers.

Van Staden said there were about 2000 Siberian tigers left in the wild, Samaritan tigers were also decreasing, while there is still a good population of Bengal tigers in India.

The park hopes to pack up on the cat family by getting a panther, Asian leopard, puma and a cheetah. 

African News Agency (ANA)