Kgetlengrivier mayor Kim Medupe's house, her guesthouse and vehicles were torched during a service delivery protest in Koster in the North West. FILE PHOTO: ANA

Koster, North West - Thirty-one people arrested in connection with violent protests in Koster and Derby last week were released on bail of R1 000 each on Monday.

The group appeared briefly in the Koster Magistrate's Court and the State did not oppose their bail application.

The court ordered that they hand over copies of their identity documents and they should not participate in any protest until their case was finalised.

The case was postponed to June 28 for the decision of the director of public prosecution.

Sixteen people were arrested in Koster on May 25, relating to an incident of public violence during a service delivery protest.

Kgetlengrivier mayor Kim Medupe's residential house and another building she owned were torched in Reagile and her guesthouse business was also torched in Koster town last week.

A councillor's house was also torched in Reagile, as well as at least six cars.

On Monday, the R52 road between Koster and Rustenburg was barricaded with stone and heaps of garbage as protesters used wheelbarrows to dump garbage on the road. The road was later cleared, and police maintained a high visibility and monitored the situation.

The protesters went to court where they were joined by learners from Mphe-Bana High School, with the learners wanting the protests to stop so that they could continue with their examinations.

Learners in their school uniform waved placards reading "We have the right to education" and "The strike must not interfere in our education".

Schools were closed and some business did not open.

The protest also affected court proceedings as lawyers were unable to access the small farming town west of Rustenburg. Cases were postponed to June 7 for most of the accused on separate charges because their lawyers were not present in court.

Protesters gathered outside court stating that the protest would not end until mayor Kim Medupe resigned and the arrested people released on warning.

African News Agency/ANA