Women’s Month: Nyakallo Mosala bakes her way to greatness

The journalist turned to baking during the hard lockdown in 2020, and her business is starting to rise. Picture: Chris Collingridge/African News Agency (ANA) Archives

The journalist turned to baking during the hard lockdown in 2020, and her business is starting to rise. Picture: Chris Collingridge/African News Agency (ANA) Archives

Published Aug 28, 2023


Rustenburg-based journalist Nyakallo Mosala turned to online videos to hone her baking skills.

Mosala of Bokamoso, near Rustenburg in the North West province, said her baking business idea came into effect after the Covid-19 pandemic.

The full effect that the pandemic had on South Africa and the world at large would be known for years, but Mosala decided to roll the dice during the shutdown and pursue a new hobby: baking.

During the hard lockdown, she said she kept baking to keep busy.

"I passed my time baking and trying new recipes. I would look at the ingredients I had in the pantry and wonder what I could bake. I watched YouTube videos and tried as much as I could to bake delicious delicacies," she said.

Mosala, owner of Nyaki’s Homemade Scones, said she started baking many years ago, but when she did not get the support that she thought she would, she quit.

It was not until late last year that she toyed with the idea of going back into the baking business.

"I started attending online baking classes provided by Ayanda Mkhize, a baker based in Durban. After attending a few of her bake-along classes, I would bake and give the bakes away for people to taste, and I got great feedback each time," she said.

Returning from the holidays in January, Mosala said she took the last leap of faith and registered her business.

After baking a few trays of scones, she decided to sell them through WhatsApp, and as it turned out, there were a lot of people looking for a piece of happiness. One of her many regular customers is Bonyana Mkhabela, a teacher at a local school.

She said: "What impresses me the most is the fact that she always delivers on time. Never minding the distance travelled to my house on foot. She's an exceptional woman and I see her business growing more and more."

Her customers were all happy about her scones.

Another happy customer is Henry Mamothame, National Prosecuting Authority spokesperson in North West.

"What caught my attention about the service provided by Ms Mosala, is how her scones are packaged. Her pricing is a plus, with her generosity on quantity, as compared to many who provide the same service. When it comes to taste, she is the master of her craft. The scones are tasty, with long-lasting freshness. As a fan of scones, I found a home in her, and I have extended the taste to members of my family and friends. I would recommend her to anyone who loves scones, as well as those who believe they are a delicacy only meant for gatherings."

She has customers across the North West province and Gauteng who collect their scones in Rustenburg.

While many home bakers undercharge for the sake of getting customers, Mosala said she had to take a few online costing classes so that she does not become one of those bakers whose business blossoms but is not making money.

Mosala said the baking business, like many other businesses, does come with challenges.

"As a woman, and especially when baking from home, people from the community do not take you seriously. They are always asking for a taste before they buy. I am not fazed, though; I always tell them that if they are able to get a taste of the bread they buy at a retail store, then I will give them," she chuckled.

Mosala said the biggest challenge was load shedding.

Her business solely depends on electricity, so when power cuts happen, she has to deliver a little later than arranged with her clients, and that hinders her business.

"Sometimes unscheduled power cuts happen while I am still baking, and unfortunately, that means that I would have to bin everything" she said.

Nyaki’s Homemade Scones offers scones and jam tarts at the moment, but Mosala plans to expand her business into a bakery and provide many pastries, including bread and cake, in the future. She provides her services on a small and large scale (baking for funerals and/or celebratory events).