Thumi Mocumi and Lindiwe Sigwentu are calling for the removal of a ward councillor after she slapped their four-year-old relative who was playing in the street near their home. Picture: Picture: Soraya Crowie

Kimberley - Community members are calling for an ANC ward councillor to step down after she slapped a four-year-old child “to teach him a lesson” for playing in the street.

Thumi Mocumi said that his nephew fell to the ground due to the force of the slap.

“The ward councillor climbed out of her vehicle and slapped the child because he was walking in the street, near his home at the back of Galeshewe Day Hospital, on Saturday,” said Mocumi.

“He started crying when we picked him up off the street. You can’t reprimand such a small child for walking in the road. He was the only child out of his group of friends who was assaulted.”

Family members added that the councillor was unapologetic when they confronted her about the incident.

“Instead of apologising for what she did, she was arrogant and dared us to go to the police. We are still waiting for a case number because the system was down when we lodged the case.”

Community members were unable to excuse the behaviour of the councillor.

“She is a leader who should be setting an example and must be disciplined and removed by the ANC.”

The councillor meanwhile explained that she smacked the child when he refused to get out of the road.

“If I had not stopped my car in time, I would be on trial for his death. The other children made way, but the boy continued playing with an Ultra Mel custard box - like a car.”

She added that she had advised the boy’s parents to call the police if she was guilty of any wrongdoing.

“I had to teach the child a lesson about road safety. If it was my child, I would have done the same. The child was fine afterwards and did not suffer any harm.

“The mother asked me why I hit her child with my hand, instead of a shoe. I told her that the child would bleed or be injured as it was a high-heel shoe.”

ANC provincial spokesperson Naledi Gaosekwe strongly condemned the abuse of children.

“We have committed ourselves to fight child abuse, bullying and discrimination.

“We will request a report on the incident from the ANC Regional Executive Committee, for the attention of the Provincial Executive Committee, and the matter will be dealt with accordingly.

“We extend our sincerest apologies to the family of the child as well as the affected community.”

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