Police stand close to the body of a newborn baby that was wrapped in a green curtain and plastic bags and dumped behind a house in Otto Street. Picture: Soraya Crowie/African News Agency/ANA
Kimberley - The owner of a house on the corner of Otto and Van Rheenen streets in Homestead has called for urgent intervention by Sol Plaatje Municipality following the discovery of the body of a newborn baby boy next to his home on Monday. The baby’s body was dumped right next to the home of Fazloen Mills, close to an open veld. Mills said this was the second dead child that was discovered in the veld next to his home.

“Another dead child was discovered in the open veld close to my home in February this year. This is worrisome as people think they can just dump their dead babies next to my home. How many dead babies will I still have to discover?” asked Mills.

He said that he had become suspicious on Monday after he saw “drag marks” leading to the open veld.

“I came from work and saw that someone had dragged something to the veld. I became discouraged when I thought about what it might be this time around as I knew that people always dump their rubbish and other things next to my house. I decided to first go inside the house and eat before going to look at what it was.

“After a few minutes I went outside and followed the marks. I saw some bloody cloths and two plastic bags, a white one and a black bag. Upon closer inspection, I saw that it was a curtain which had something wrapped inside it. As I opened the cloths I saw the bloody hand of a newborn baby.”

Mills said that he has on several occasions pleaded with the municipality to put up a fence in order to close the veld off.

“I have asked the councillor and even went to the municipality personally, asking them to close off the area, but nothing has been done. People use the area to dispose of rubbish in the open veld and I have got to sit with the stench of it all.

“We really need the municipality to close the area off as this is not merely about the dumping of bodies but how easy it has become for people to dump in the area. This dumping will never end unless something is done.”

Galeshewe police spokesperson, Sergeant Majang Skalkie, said that the police have opened an inquest in connection with the incident.

“Galeshewe police are investigating an inquest following the discovery of a newborn baby boy on the corner of Otto Street. The incident was reported at around 2.45pm. The newborn was found in an open veld wrapped in a pink towel, blue and white tablecloth and blue curtain. The body was taken for post-mortem,” said Skalkie.

“No suspect has been arrested in connection with the incident and we appeal to community members with any information regarding the incident to contact the investigating officer, Warrant Officer Thomas Ashley, on 082 495 4625. The police investigation continues.”

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