A handful of people gathered to pray against the evil the country faces. Pictures: Soraya Crowie

KImberley - A handful of people gathered at the Memorial Circle in Kimberley in support of the national protest against farm murders. 

The majority of attendees were dressed in black. 

Pastor Ben Vorster urged the crowd to continuously pray against the evil facing the country. 

“We need to make an impact with our prayers. God has a plan with South Africa. If it was not for our forefathers, nothing in this country would be in this developed stage. 

“We cannot look or trust the government as they are untrustworthy. They themselves are killing themselves. There are many who claim the land belongs to them, but the land in actual fact belongs to the San people,” said Vorster.

Pastor Andre Graaff prayed for the farmers who were present. He also urged attendees to go on their knees to pray for the land. 

“There are many evil spirits in different forms in this land. President Jacob Zuma is filled with an evil spirit as he is a liar and deceiver. The Bible says we need to unite to force out these evils,” Graaff said.

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