Jan Hough, 64, was allegedly murdered by his male domestic worker. Photo: Supplied by SA Police Service.

Kakamas - A domestic worker has been arrested for allegedly murdering a pensioner he worked for in Kakamas in South Africa's Northern Cape province.

According to Northern Cape police, Jan Hough, 64, never returned home to his wife after he went to pick up the couple's domestic worker, a man in his late twenties, on Wednesday.

Police spokesman Francois Steenkamp said the younger man was confronted after he was later seen driving around in Hough's car. He jumped out of the vehicle and fled.

"It was then noticed that the suspect has some red stains on his shirt that looked like blood. The incident was then reported to the police," said Steenkamp.

"With the help of the community and different police units they started searching for the missing Mr Hough. Around 11 o clock the body of Mr Hough was found lying in an open veld near Spieëlkop, Kakamas."

The deceased had a stab wound to his body.

The suspect was arrested and was expected to appear in the magistrate's court in Kakamas on Friday.