A new ‘whites-only’ settlement. Picture: Facebook

The founder and official co-ordinator, Adriaan Alettus Nieuwoudt, describes Eureka as a “security town” where people can “securely retire, live and work with their own schools, shops and medical services in their own mother language (Afrikaans) and rural culture”.

He explains the vision of the movement in an official circular for those interested in relocating.

Nieuwoudt says the movement was born out of the “radical empowerment that is being implemented by the government (BEE), the corrective-end action and general negative statements by political leaders against white people”.

He added that “the lives of whites, the survival of their language and culture are seriously threatened”.

Nieuwoudt claims that the only way out is to own sovereign territory where whites can live in safety and maintain themselves by paying for their own services without the help and interference of any other institution and surviving in their own country.

“Our explanatory order on self-determination was submitted by our advocate in the Kimberley High Court on Friday, November 23 2018.”

Nieuwoudt “praises” himself for “taking a selfless and laudable step to purchase the first piece of land for this purpose and I expect every white man who has the same ideals to join the movement without any financial expenses”.

Nieuwoudt said that he would give a free site to anyone interested in erecting their own home and “there will be no further obligation even if the site remains undeveloped”.

“However, at this stage, the site will not be pinned to a specific site, as it may happen that there are open sites everywhere, which will make the expansion of the infrastructure unnecessarily expensive. If you want to build on your premises in the near future, you can also participate in our ‘stokvel’.”

What you have to do to stake your claim:

Interested parties can register as a member by sending an e-mail.

The new member gets a member number that must be kept and remembered safely and used in all correspondence or negotiations. No case will be dealt with if members do not provide their member numbers.

For each new member a free 1000 m² site is reserved at Eureka town and recorded in the company register.

Members who wish to build their own homes need to purchase shares.

Members can also simply buy investment shares.

Each shareholder obtains a separate folio in the member register of the company. Records are kept by the company secretary, Mrs Elsa Schreuder.

A share certificate is issued for each transaction and the amount of money paid for the shares is recorded there.

Once you have a member number, the number will be put in the register and a plot will be reserved.

This will also be their site number. When a member wants to build a home on his/her premises, the monetary value he/she gets for his shares will act as payment for his/her home

A member is expected to own at least 5 000 shares in the company before the area where its premises will be located is determined. It will be near the first houses in the area.

The premium value of the shares is currently a minimum of 25 cents per share as of June 1 2017. The 5 000 shares therefore cost R1 250.

A member can also buy shares in instalments.

This is called a ‘stokvel’. Members who participate in the stokvel can buy as little as R300 worth of shares per month.

As soon as a member owns the amount of R10 000 in total shares, the member can then issue instructions and the foundation of his/her home will be built.

The yard is then set up with the foundation and drainage. The member receives photos of the premises and a GPS reading of the premises. At this point, the Building Project Manager, Mr Dawie Venter takes responsibility.

The company also plans to erect one or two departure (“sample”) homes in advance and send photos to members.

A member can also buy such a finished home. A very strict record of all costs on the premises (material and work) is kept.

The policy is for a member to pay all the material and labour for his/her home and to pay a 20% “profit” to the company for building the infrastructure.

The company must take profit to determine the premium value of the shares from time to time on the potential of expected income.

Everyone is a member of the company. This means each member is also a joint owner and derives the ultimate benefit from the assets of the company.

There are no further hidden costs or middlemen involved.

The price of the property includes the premises and everything. To handle the administration and reconciliation of the building, Mrs Carol-Ann Venter has taken the reins.

After the structure of the house is completed, a “levy” of R300 per month is payable to keep premises neat.

Until further notice, all services will be free and done by the company.

For sewerage, groundwater is used directly and fresh water is supplied from a desalination plant. However, a fair tariff on fresh water will have to be charged later.

Only registered members of Eureka can buy and sell shares in the company.

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