The Labrador-cross that was apparently part of a pack of dogs that attacked an elderly woman in Begonia Street recently. Picture: Soraya Crowie

Kimberley - Residents in Roodepan are calling for dogs that are apparently terrorising the neighbourhood to be put down, after an 88-year-old woman was attacked earlier this week.
The SPCA confirmed that complaints were received that five different Roodepan residents had been bitten by the same pack of dogs that is apparently often roaming around in the streets.

Sanna Powers, 88, was mauled by the dogs while walking down Begonia Road on Monday morning, where she collapsed and lost consciousness while trying to fend them off.

Powers stated that she had lost count of how many times the dogs had bitten her.

“I was on my way to buy the newspaper when I saw the dogs in the street. I tried to chase them away but the four pit bull dogs growled, charged at me and grabbed me by my calf. I screamed for help, kicked and threw sand in their eyes, but they refused to back off.

“I was also bitten on my arm as I shielded my face. Some of the dogs ran off when someone came to my assistance but the one dog refused to let go and continued to attack me.

“I was taken to the clinic for medical treatment by someone who was driving past. My wounds, which had to be stitched, are still bleeding and I am suffering from a lot of pain. My hand is extremely swollen and sore.”

Powers’ friend, Dorothy Julies, pointed out that Powers ran errands and cared for her 90-year-old sister, as she has no children of her own.

“The bite wounds are very deep,” added Julies.

Community members added that there was another man who was still receiving medical treatment in hospital after he was bitten by the same dogs.

“A baby was also attacked. It is not safe for the children who are walking home from school or are sent to buy something from the shops. We will not leave this matter unattended because we do not feel safe. We cannot wait until someone is killed until these dogs are taken away. Once they have tasted human flesh, they will continue to bite people.”

They added that the fence where the dogs jumped over is very low and that it is a rickety wire fence surrounding the house where the incident took place on the corner of Begonia and Starling streets.

“The owners should ensure that the dogs are secured behind a proper fence because they are aggressive and pose a danger to society.”

Police spokesperson, Sergeant Majang Skalkie, said that the police were investigating a case of other offences against plants and animals, the environment and corporeal objects.

“No arrests have been made yet. The investigation continues.”

She added that the police were awaiting a report from the SPCA before they could apply for a court order to remove the dogs.

The owner of the dogs where the incident took place said that one of her dogs had jumped over her fence as it was pursuing another dog in the street that was on heat.

“I was not there to witness the incident as I was at work at the time. I’m not even sure if it was my dog because they are not aggressive at all. I do not own any pit bulls, only two Labradors and two cross-breeds. My puppy will follow you around if you give it attention.

“The dogs are usually chained up and someone is at home most of the time, although my husband had to go out of town on the day of the incident.

“Even if it was other dogs who attacked Powers, I have decided to accept responsibility. My husband and I went to apologise to Powers for the incident and have offered our assistance.”

She believed that her dog might have felt threatened when Powers picked up a stick from the ground.

“We were in the process of erecting a wall around our house but due to finances, progress has not been as fast as we wanted. We will ensure that the wall is built as a matter of urgency and are willing to co-operate with any investigation.”

She added that she had four dogs to protect her property and family. “Before we got the dogs, there were frequent break-ins at the house.”

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