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Kimberley - A case of fraud has been opened against a Pescodia woman who is accused of fraudulently acting as a funeral and life cover agent and has allegedly swindled two elderly women out of thousands of rand.

The two women, aged 77 and 91, approached the DFA on Tuesday, saying that they wanted to expose the woman after they found out that she was not registered as a life and funeral cover agent.

The two women have been paying monthly instalments to the woman for over 20 years.

The two elderly women said that their monthly payments of R130 and R120 respectively, were paid personally to the woman in a KGA Life Insurance booklet and then a stamped receipt was issued to them, with another name on it.

They said that they were under the impression that the woman worked for KGA as a life/funeral cover agent and that they were insured for R5 000.

However, after the two women approached Legal Aid South Africa, it was revealed that KGA Life Insurance had no record of any of the two women as clients, nor were any policies held with them.

KGA Life Insurance also informed the women that they were unaware of the woman (agent) using any booklets issued by themselves for life and funeral cover purposes.

“We fear that our money will not be paid out after we pass away. We have already paid thousands of rand to the woman, but have no contract or any proof that we will receive our funerals or any other benefits that we are paying for. We are old and poor and worry what will happen after we die,” they said.

The two women were further informed that there was no indication that the woman was a registered funeral policy/credit provider and were advised to approach the police to open a case of fraud - for investigation into what has happened to the money that they have paid in instalments over the years and whether the money has been paid over to an accredited insurance provider.

One of the two women approached the Roodepan police station, where she opened a case of fraud last month. However, no arrests have been made.

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