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Kimberley couple tell of horrific robbery ordeal inside 'secure home'

By Patsy Beangstrom Time of article published Sep 28, 2018

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Kimberley - “Don't think it can’t happen to you and be prepared” - these were the chilling words of advice to city residents after a local couple woke up to a group of robbers in their Klisserville home in the early hours of the morning recently.

The couple said on Thursday that they wanted to warn other residents so that they too weren’t caught off guard. “When we saw the intruders in our home, we were so confused that we didn’t know how to react.”

The couple said they thought their house was well protected and secure against intruders. “We have expandable security bars on the windows in the front of the house and didn’t think anyone would try to get in so we never put the alarm on at night.”

They also have a metal security door in the passage preventing access to the bedrooms.

They said they woke up around 2am on Saturday morning and saw that the security door in the passage, leading to the bedrooms, was ajar. “Initially my husband, who had woken up to go to the toilet, thought I had got up and gone to the kitchen so he called out my name. Suddenly he saw someone quietly creep out of the first bedroom into the passage.”

According to the couple, it appears that the burglars had used a crowbar to force open the security bars on the lounge window and then smashed the large window to gain access to the front of the house.

“They went through the kitchen, taking food and other items, and also went into the study where they stole a laptop, cameras, watches, a television, cellphones and other items, which were carried out through the broken window in the lounge.

“They then forced open the security gate with the crowbar and came into the first of the bedrooms.”

When the owner of the house confronted the one burglar in the passage, he hit him with a baseball bat. “He hit me back with the crowbar and I fell and he wrestled the bat from my hands and hit me with that.”

The homeowner said he managed to use his body weight to jam the security door closed. “My wife and I were on the one side of the gate and the burglars were on the other side. I told my wife to fetch the gun and they hesitated a bit and then ran off.”

The couple then alerted the security company and the police.

“During the ordeal, none the robbers, we estimate that there must have been at least four of them, said anything at all and they didn’t seem to be in any hurry. They even switched the light on in the kitchen to see what they were doing.”

He added that the police were able to retrieve a pair of plastic gloves, which had been taken out of the kitchen cupboard and were full of blood. We are not sure if one of them cut themselves when they broke the lounge window or if the one I hit with the baseball bat sustained an injury.”

A similar incident happened about a month ago in a nearby house in the same suburb when an elderly couple were also confronted by a group of about five robbers in their house while they were sleeping.

The couple were tied up with their clothing while the robbers ransacked the house, also taking food and electronic items including their cellphones before leaving.

In this incident, the robbers covered their faces and some of them were armed with knives.

“We need to alert members of the public that this is happening in Kimberley while residents are at home. According to the investigating officer, these are not isolated incidents and there needs to be more dialogue so that residents are prepared.

“When it happens, a person is incredulous and you cannot think logically. In hindsight, we probably should have locked ourselves in the bedroom and called the police.

“If you have an alarm, make sure it is on at night, make sure the police’s number is in your cellphone and your phone is with you and not in another room.

“One shudders to think what could have actually happened to us.”

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