A mother whose recently born baby just died at the Kimberley Hospital tried to commit suicide. File picture: Soraya Crowie

Kimberley -

A 37-year-old woman was rescued from near death after attempting to commit suicide from the third floor of the Kimberley Hospital, following the death of her newborn baby.

The baby apparently survived for only one week and died after experiencing health complications.

The woman hung herself from the balcony of the maternity ward on the third floor after she had climbed out of the window during the early hours of Wednesday morning at about 4am.

It is believed that she tried to suffocate herself by means of the cord of her hospital gown.

A visitor who passed by the window, noticed the patient hanging from the balcony at about 5am and alerted a caregiver who happened to be walking up the staircase by the fire escape.

The caregiver had to call a doctor for assistance as he was not singlehandedly able to lift her or cut the cord from where she was hanging without preventing her from sustaining serious injuries or death had she dropped to the ground.

Cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and oxygen was administered to the patient, as she was unconscious for some time, while her tongue had turned black.

She was sedated and immediately taken to the intensive care unit after she was rescued.

She is currently receiving medical treatment. Doctors have reportedly advised that the patient receive psychological counselling.

Spokeswoman for the Northern Cape Department of Health, Lulu Mxekezo, confirmed the “unfortunate incident” that took place.

“The good news is that the patient is in a stable condition,” she stated.

She did not confirm the cause of death of the baby.

Mxekezo also did not elaborate on whether the patient had suffered any organ damage after being deprived of oxygen for an estimated 60 minutes.

She also did not indicate whether the window leading onto the balcony had been bolted in order to prevent other patients from attempting suicide.

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