One of the chlorine bombs found on the weekend.
One of the chlorine bombs found on the weekend.

Mystery surrounds chlorine bomb attacks in Kimberley

By Michelle Cahill Time of article published Jun 24, 2019

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Kimberley - Nobody knows who is behind the recent “bomb” attacks in Cassandra.

Police, community forums and residents have been left dumbfounded by the chlorine bomb attacks over the weekend.

“It may just be naughty children bored during the holidays. It may be adults. We just don’t know. Whoever is behind this might think it’s funny but it is no laughing matter. Thank goodness nobody has been injured as a result of these devices,” a Cassandra resident said on Sunday.

The latest “bomb” was found on Saturday.

“People don’t realise the impact one of these bombs can have. Not only can they kill themselves (the ‘bomb makers’) but whoever picks it up and handles it. It can also burn down a house,” the chairperson of the Kimberley Station Community Policing Forum, Linja Allen, said on Sunday.

“We know it isn’t a terror attack but we are concerned. We are closely monitoring the situation. So far today (Sunday) we have not received any further reports,” Allen said.

Another Cassandra resident said on Sunday that it was concerning that whoever is doing this is doing it for “fun”.

“The thing that really concerns me is that whoever is doing this is doing it for ‘fun’, and doesn’t care who gets hurt. Throwing these devices on to people’s properties is more than vandalism. What if young children or animals are maimed by these explosives?

“One gets the impression that the people doing this have no respect for others, and no respect for the law - I get the feeling that they believe that they are immune to consequences.

“An example must be made of them. This type of hooliganism must be discouraged!”

The police have promised that action will be taken against the culprit.

The acting station commander of SAPS Kimberley, Colonel Sam Nkosi, has warned the community that whoever is behind this will be brought to book.

“The culprits, whether it is experiments by children or adults, will be caught and brought to book.”

Police also warned the community not to touch or pick up unknown bottles (plastic or glass) filled with liquid.

“The police are concerned about the increase of bottles that are being thrown or placed on residential properties in Cassandra. These bottles are being filled with chemicals, which can explode when they are tampered with. The reason behind this is currently unknown, but it is being investigated and monitored,” said police spokesperson Captain Tessa Jansen.

“The Kimberley police are urging the community to assist them in policing this crime, by being more safety conscious. Please report such incidents so that the experts can deal with it.”

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