Cape Town. 120423. Emergency workers search for illegal miners that were trapped in a De Beers mine 75km outside Springbok on the Klienseer Rd. Photo by Michael Walker

Rescuers were searching a disused Kleinzee mine late on Monday to make sure no more bodies of illegal miners were obscured by debris, said Northern Cape police.

The bodies of 10 illegal miners were recovered last week and over the weekend at the old diamond mine in the Northern Cape.

Colonel Hendrik Swart said rescuers were systematically working through the remaining horizontal tunnels at the site.

One illegal digger was rescued and 11 reportedly escaped unharmed and alerted the police when a hole collapsed at 3pm on Tuesday. The mine closed the tunnels in April.

The collapsed hole was about six metres deep and led to several tunnels and an underground waiting area. - Sapa