An accident occurred in Long Street, Kimberley at around 5:45 pm when a Suzuki Alto and Renault Sandero crashed into each other. Picture: Danie van der Lith
Kimberley - Two members of Kimberley rock band “GAGE” are lucky to be alive after walking away unharmed from an accident in which the vehicle they were travelling in rolled and landed on its roof.

The accident occurred in Long Street, Kimberley at around 5:45pm on Monday night, when a Suzuki Alto and a Renault Sandero crashed into each other at the Waterworks Road intersection, with the Suzuki “flying through the air” and landing on its roof on the pavement of the Long Street Centre.

Two members of GAGE, Jason Horseman and Johan Wooberg, were in the Suzuki, driving in Long Street and were turning into West Circular Road at the traffic light. 

The female driver of the Renault, who was travelling with three children, was believed to have been driving straight in a northerly direction on Long Street when she crashed into the side of the Suzuki.

The crash could be heard several blocks away.

On the scene, the female driver was treated in an ambulance, while her children and husband, who had also arrived on the scene, supported her.

Horseman and Wooberg, despite the massive damage to the Suzuki, walked away unscathed and said that they were “lucky to be alive”. 

“It all happened so quickly, we really do not know what happened. At one moment we were driving and the next we were hanging upside down in the vehicle. Luckily we were both wearing our seatbelts or we could have been dead,” the band members said.

Horseman added that he struggled to undo his safety belt but eventually managed to free himself from the vehicle.

Both walked away from the accident “without a scratch”.

Meanwhile, police confirmed on Tuesday that a case of reckless and negligent driving was being investigated following the accident.

Police spokesperson, Captain Sergio Kock, said that while the exact cause of the accident was not yet known, the incident was being investigated.

“The accident took place on Monday at about 5.45pm at the intersection of Long and Waterworks Street in Kimberley. The vehicles crashed into each other and both drivers were admitted to hospital for medical treatment. The three passengers in the Renault were not injured,” Kock said.

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