WARNING: The tweets embedded in this article contain graphic language.

A KwaZulu-Natal youth’s tweets about his hatred for homosexuals left Twitter users shocked and angry.

Mamba Online reports that a number of tweets by Fezile D Makhathini (@FezileKid), related to the hashtag #HomosLetsTalk, ignited a storm of criticism for his vow to kill gay people and rape lesbians.

The #HomosLetsTalk hashtag was started as a platform for homosexual people to share their LGBT issues.

#HomosLetsTalk ignites debate

@FezileKid’s tweets were roundly criticised, but the

 young man hit back with a tweet of his own saying: “I’m 17 and entitled to hate.”

A barrage of criticism served only to spur @FezileKid on to post increasingly more vitriolic tweets.

Hate crimes against homosexuals are not uncommon in South Africa, where in December a young lesbian woman was murdered and mutilated in Evaton in Gauteng, and a transgender woman was allegedly knifed to death by a teenager in Wolseley, in the Western Cape.