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Cape Town - If South African mystics are to be believed, 2018 promises to be a year of good fortune, with positive changes in the political landscape and possible relief to the dire drought in the Western Cape.

A city tarot card reader has gazed into the future to see what the new year holds for the city and South Africa.

Denise Rigotti is an intuitive reader and does her readings from her business, Tea and Tarot in Lakeside.

She said the drought would be a difficult crisis to overcome, but some relief was on the way.

“There is an indication that an unknown person could step forward with a new concept that has not been tested yet, that could have a real impact on the situation.

However, she said this could be hampered due to “issues of manipulation and greed and could be lost, but later taken up in another country and proven”.

“I do see us getting to the point of a disastrous situation without the support and vision we need to rescue us.

"People who are in charge are overwhelmed and those who are qualified sit in distress as they watch.”

Rigotti said she saw two people who would have to address the situation to save their positions, one being a person who holds the position with little qualification and another who "is more practical and very determined to hold their own”.

She said she saw both April and May as crisis months. “Faulty infrastructure needs to be given over to competent people to take on this issue efficiently.”

She could not predict if there would be any heavy rain that would ease the drought, “but then I do believe in the power of mass prayer”.

Rigotti predicted that the new president of the ANC, Cyril Ramaphosa, would be more than capable of taking up the position as leader.

“Ramaphosa is described as an intelligent man with a very analytical mind. His intentions seem to be one of honouring his position. He is aware of the pressure he is up against to address the situation he has inherited.

"He is also aware of how much of his own strength this is going to take and the adjustment and maybe sacrifice."

Rigotti said there were enormous changes which he had in mind. “I see that he will be supported by overseas countries who believe in him and respect his intentions. There still seem to be issues of confusion and a whole load of hard work and energy (must be) put into a situation that could be brought on by opposition where issues of fear and corruption can not be ignored.”

Looking at the economy, she said everybody needed to be prepared for the unexpected.

“Communication may indicate positive growth, but the emotional issues of the people need to be harnessed. There is still a lot that needs to be uncovered, which could have an impact on our status.

"It is up to those in charge to step into a place of authority to make sure the relative partnerships are dealt with very strategically.”

She said she saw a glimpse of an “important event” where a powerful person would be betrayed, which would have a big impact on the economy that might not be realised initially.

“This may have been orchestrated by a person who manipulates the above and has to sit with the dread of what the outcome realises.

"There may well be more legal implications as a result of this and the decisions made at this point would truly change the direction of the final outcome of our status.

"At this point it is noted that the president would have to move into a position here to affirm his commitment to the people he represents and this would have a great impact on the good position of our financial situation.”

Durban tarot card reader Minaxie Gihwala, known as MG, said 2018 would be a positive year if South Africans worked hard towards their goals.

“The cards show reward, which we can interpret as the reward we will get if we put enough effort into what we want, whatever we touch can turn into gold,” she said.

However, along with the card of reward came the card of deception.

“If we were to look at politics, deception plays a role. This means somebody appears to be deceiving us.

With this card, we cannot say for certain whether Zuma will be recalled," said MG.

"But at the same time, we also draw the card with the wheel of fortune which means that as a country we are moving towards prosperity.

"On the whole, our country and people are moving forward, our finances will improve next year and we will be a far happier country,” she said.

Subadra Devi Dasa, a vedic astrologer, said the South African currency would be strong, but crime would be “bad”.

“However, next year, good administration in the justice system will punish criminals. The judgment will be in favour of citizens,” she said.

Kevin Shunmugam, who does numerology, among other alternative forms of healing, said the number 2 was dominant for 2018.

“In numerology we work with numbers and calculations. The year 2018 calculates to the number 2, and in numerology this speaks of balance. "People have to find that balance between emotions and logic,” he said.

His advice was that people should not rush into major decisions.

The coming year would also be good for making peace with estranged friends and family, said Shunmugam.

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