Prostitute explains how delegate was killed

By Time of article published Sep 7, 2001

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A stunned Durban magistrate listened as a Pretoria woman gave a graphic account of how she had sat on top of a bed to conceal the lifeless body of an Italian racism conference delegate shortly after she had given him "tablets".

Maureen Konko made the confession during her court appearance on Thursday with seven other women who are all facing charges of murder and robbery in connection with death of Souhir Mostafa, 33.

The other accused are Audrey Bokaba, Claunnah Chaka, Dulsey Malatjie, Lydia Mochekele, Gertrude Motsepe, Lydia Matumba and Maggie Mathebula.

Mostafa, who was based in Sicily, but a Moroccan by birth, was found dead under a bed of a hotel room on Friday. The eight women were arrested on Monday.

There was drama in the court on Thursday when the women shunned a Durban lawyer who had been hired by their families to represent them and instead said they wanted "to tell it all".

Despite repeated warnings from magistrate Anand Maharaj that they should first make up their minds before making the "confession" as this could be used against them later, the women, one after another, said they wanted to get it "off their chests".

Konko said she was accosted by Mostafa while she was drinking with her friends at a bar.

"He told me he could not take me to his room because there were other people there," she said.

She said they went to a room which they rented with the other women and continued drinking.

"I asked Bokaba whether she had tablets," she said.

She said she dissolved the tables into a beer that was given to Mostafa.

"He started vomiting and I tried to revive him. I was scared and wanted to cry. Later Bokaba went to fetch others. The others said 'we don't want your problem please go and sit on top of your corpse'."

Mochekele said she had taken Mostafa's watch.

On Friday two other women are expected to confess.

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