e.TV's hard-hitting documentary programme, 3rd Degree, which, since it started early this year, has followed a hard track whereby racism and other forms of intolerance have been weeded out (often under cover), goes for the jugular on Thursday night at 8.30pm.

The focus is a group of Afrikaners running what is known as the Stokkiesdraai picnic resort in the Free State.

Show host Debora Patta, her husband Mweli Mzizi, cameraman Deon Kloppers and producer Sam Rogers visited the resort under cover on a Sunday.

They were welcomed by Vierkleur flags, and signs reading "This resort is reserved for white, Afrikaans-speaking boers only" and "Fuck the new South Africa".

When Mzizi tried to pay the entrance free, he was told that "no blacks are allowed".

The team then insisted that this was illegal in terms of the South African constitution, and owner Hennie Muller was called.

He verbally abused the group and physically assaulted Rogers in his attempt to snatch a mini-camera from her. The team was then ordered off the premises after being threatened with further violence. Muller also refused to return the equipment that was taken.

The team has laid charges of theft and assault. They also recorded the entire confrontation on a spy camera. The question is why racist resorts are still operating in South Africa.

The programme will also run a name-and-shame list - to which the public can add.

If you know of places in South Africa that refuse to serve black people, telephone the 3rd Degree team on its hotline 086 22 333 73, or email [email protected] or fax (011) 482-7313.