Eight months ago former Merebank ward councillor Raja Naidoo was shot dead in a suspected planned hit and there is still no clue as to who was responsible for his murder or why he was killed.

The politician, lawyer and community leader was shot dead in February. He apparently received a call from a woman asking him to evaluate a house in Merebank, but when he arrived there the gate was locked.

Two men then approached Naidoo while he was in his car and fired shots. They ran off and he died at the scene. Police later established that nothing was stolen from him.

Johan Booysen, head of the Organised Crime Unit in KwaZulu-Natal, said detectives had not yet made a breakthrough in the case and "there is no definite suspect".

Naidoo's death has been the subject of rumours of a number of different motives. One rumour related it to his business of buying and selling properties.

Booysen said of the claims: "There were a few stories like this that cropped up around the time of Mr Naidoo's murder. There were also claims that the murder was politically motivated. But we cannot confirm any of these at this stage. We are still looking into all of them."

Booysen asked people with information on the case to come forward.

Meanwhile a relative, who preferred not be named, told The Mercury that the family was disappointed with the outcome of the investigation so far.

"We don't know if the murder was political, or if it was related to his business. But we are waiting for closure.

"We are coping and moving on. His widow has two kids to look after. But we are disappointed that there has been nothing to come out of the police investigation so far," she said.