Rapist apologises to his victim after attack

By Time of article published Jul 3, 2005

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By Doreen Premdev

A Pietermaritzburg woman was robbed, raped and stabbed 13 times, before her attacker apologised to her, and left her to die.

But the courageous mother of two had a "will to survive" and dragged herself to a nearby road where she managed to get help.

The woman, a 32-year-old security guard, was on her way to work on June 21, when she was attacked.

Police spokesperson, Superintendent Joshua Gwala, said the woman had been walking on the Old Greytown Road between Willowton and Kenilworth roads in the vicinity of a vacant plot in the Mountain Rise area when she was attacked.

"The victim was confronted by the suspect who had a knife," Gwala said.

"The suspect stabbed the victim in the chest and then demanded money from her. She handed over a R20 note she had on her. Thereafter, she said, he forced her to the ground and raped her."

Gwala said the man had continuously stabbed the woman while he was raping her.

"She sustained 13 stab wounds to her face, back and arms. Both the victim's lungs were punctured. After the assault and rape the suspect apologised to his victim and fled from the scene."

The woman, who was bleeding profusely, said she had managed to crawl to a road and stop a minibus taxi.

Gwala said the driver had rushed her to Northdale Hospital where she was admitted in a serious condition. She was discharged on Monday.

Investigating officer Lee Karrim said she was astonished by the woman's will to survive. "I must admit I have not met a woman like her, she is so strong and is dealing with her experience," Karrim said.

"She was obviously traumatised. However, she said she could not change what had happened. She said that she had to be strong for her children. "

Karrim said the woman was receiving counselling.

Rape survivor and now motivational speaker, Alison Botha, who lived through a similar ordeal, said she would be willing to offer encouragement to the woman.

Botha was abducted outside her home in Port Elizabeth in December 1994, by Frans du Toit and Theuns Kruger. She was taken to a deserted spot where she was raped and butchered with a knife. Botha was disembowelled and her throat was slashed 16 times. She managed to crawl to the a main road, while holding her head on to her neck with her hand and cradling her intestines in her denim shirt. She was rescued that night and lived to tell her story.

"I cannot say what went through her (the rape victim's) mind when she crawled to the road to get help, but I know why I did it," Botha said.

"I realised my life was too valuable to let go of and that gave me the courage to survive.

"This woman may have felt the same... I am proud of her, her life was worth much more to her than the pain she suffered."

Botha said the victim should allow herself time to deal with he situation and seek professional help.

Police are on the look-out for the attacker, who is about 35 years old, of average height, well built and his head and chin shaven. The suspect also has a front upper tooth missing.

Anyone with information may contact Karrim at 033 387 9500 or 083 603 3214.

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