'Instagram is growing in popularity and is one of the fastest growing social media platforms today.'

South Africa has made it into the top 20 list of the happiest countries in the world - according to Instagram smiles, that is.

The list was released on Thursday, the second annual International Day of Happiness.

It was arrived at by Jetpac City Guides, an iPhone app, which used ‘geo-parsing’ technology to analyse people’s smiles in Instagram photos.

The image processing technology shows South Africa is one of the happiest countries in the world with one of the highest ‘smile scores’, based on the average size of smiles in photos.

The Instagram grins of South Africans saw the country reach 18th spot.

South America was by far the happiest continent, with its countries taking most of the Top 20 positions.

The UScame in at No 33, and the UK at 62.

The Mercury