Cape Town Beliebers are coming in their droves. Picture: Reuters

Cape Town – Cape Town Beliebers are coming in their droves to see their idol live at the Cape Town Stadium.

It has been four years since the singer performed in South Africa during his Believe tour in 2013 and is back in Cape Town after performing in Joburg on Sunday.

The concert is set to start at 8:30pm and gates are expected to open at 4pm but people have already started queuing.

According to publicity agency Pamberi Communications, no camping was allowed outside the venue, but that didn't stop some fans from making sure they were the first through the gates.

Social media was abuzz with tweets and excitement. Beliebers in Joburg were wishing they could relive the night, and had a few words of advice for their Cape Town counterparts. 

– Keep warm and be safe.

– Sing to as many songs as you can, even if it means getting the lyrics wrong.

- Have fun!

Speaking of having fun, Justin Bieber on Tuesday night had his own bit of fun (while keeping his fans entertained) when he live streamed a video of himself from the One and Only hotel.

He started off with chewing gum, to the confusion of fans but went on to better things - such as singing, playing guitar and pranking people.

Cape Times posed a challenge to all the fans – whether it be the only-been-a-fan-for-two-months or the die hard.

The idea is that you submit a video of yourself singing your favourite Justin Bieber track and tweet it to @CapeTimesSA.

Don't worry about the embarrassment factor - haters gon' hate, potatoes gon' potate - but who knows? Maybe the Biebs will see it and realise what a true fan you really are.

So. are you ready to take up this challenge?