Pastor Angus Buchan has come under fire for his comments that Afrikaner and Jewish people were the only two nations that had a covenant with God. File photo: Tracey Adams/African News Agency/ANA

Evangelist and author Angus Buchan has apologised for his comments that Afrikaner and Jewish people were the only two nations that had a covenant with God, a comment described by the EFF as racist. 

In a voice clip of Buchan, that has a picture of the pastor, shared by EFF Deputy President Floyd Shivambu, he is heard saying: “I’m calling all intercessors, everywhere, please pray. Intercede for our beloved South Africa. By faith we have booked the Loftus Versfeld Stadium, the bastion of Afrikanerdom in our beloved South Africa, we’ll be holding a meeting on the 1st of February 2020. It will be called staan op vir Jesus (stand up for jesus). 

“Everybody is welcomed, as always, to our meetings but this time the emphasis will be on the Afrikaner nation, we are going to call out to God remembering that only two nations in the world have ever been in covenant with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. They are the Jewish people and the Afrikaans people, that is a fact.

"We are going to call a meeting in Pretoria, we’ve already booked a stadium on the 1st of February 2020. You really need to start praying towards that now, we don’t have much time. We are praying for a change. 

"God will use that meeting to bring the sacredness of the bible and its principles back to South Africa, where people will understand that the word of God is literal from Genesis to Revelations, it is not a general guideline and all the principles in the bible must be adhered to if this country is going to prosper and it is going to prosper because we are going to repent as a nation. 

"We will be inviting all the heads of state, they will be there. We are believing for God to intervene, please send this message out everywhere. God bless you richly."

Shivambu then tweeted: “A racist Boer Pastor Angus Buchan says it’s only the Boers & Jews who have a covenant with God, & he’s convening a predominantly Boers meeting in Loftus Rugby Stadium in February 2020. You can wish whatever you want Afrika, but these people don’t want us.” 

Buchan has since gone on to apologise saying that stating that Jews and Afrikaners  were the only two nations that had a covenant with God was totally wrong. “For that statement, I humbly ask your forgiveness.”

“In all my years as a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, it has never, ever been my intention to hurt any man, woman, or child or create division amongst any race, people or creed in this beautiful Country of ours, South Africa. If my statement has led to any division, please forgive me.

“I will, therefore, continue with all my heart to work towards bringing the entire Nation of South Africa to a unity with each other, and with our God,” Buchan said.

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