By Yusuf Moola

Experiencing a sense of astonishment and wonder is what happens when encountering one of Mo Magic's fascinating magic shows.

Dubbed "the James Bond of magic" because of his slick and stylish character, Mo Magic has bewildered audiences across South Africa and the world with his ability to mind read, change a R100 note into R200 and bend metal objects with his mind.

Mahommed Moorad is also a full time electronic engineer - with an honours degree from the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

Working at Toyota SA, the 27-year-old from Durban manages to find time to perform regularly across the country.

"Magic and engineering creates a valuable balance in my life - engineering stimulates the left side of the brain associated with logic and order, whereas the art of magic stimulates the right side linked to creativity and artistic expression - and I enjoy them both."

As a child, Moorad picked up the interest in magic from his older brother who practised magic as a hobby.

His fascination grew through high school and soon became a hobby on campus.

"I used to perform for a few people on campus and that is how I developed a passion for magic."

Moorad, who has performed on television and has been featured on radio, spoke about the art of magic as being a combination of several factors to create a unique experience.

"The art of magic is a unique experience whereby I combine technique, showmanship, sleight of hand, illusion, psychology and audience participation."

He said confidence was also important in keeping the audience in suspense.

Moorad said his tricks were an art form and did not involve supernatural forces.

"People are curious, but my magic is not dark - I believe one's actions are judged on intentions and my intention is to entertain."

Mo Magic will be performing next at Gateway's Cuba Lounge from 8.30pm to 9.30pm on January 23. Readers can also visit or join the Mo Magic Facebook group.

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