By Troy Martens and Miranda Andrew

Major toy outlet Toys R Us has pulled all stock of the Barney Best Manners toy off their shelves after the toy's manufacturer expressed concerns that their product contained excessive amounts of lead.

The decision to recall the toy, aimed at children three years and older, came after the recall of certain toys made in China that contained large amounts of lead used to decorate the toy.

Mattel, the makers of the Barney's Best Manners portable plush telephone, issued an international recall of the toy last Wednesday.

The local distributors of the toy, Just Fun Toys, confirmed that the product has been on shelves of retail outlets around the country for the past two months.

Barney's Best Manners portable telephone is the only product in the South African range which is alleged to contain excessive levels of lead paint.

"Only one batch of these items is suspected to contain lead paint, constituting less than 0.1% of the international recall," said Issy Zimmerman, Toys R Us Director.

Toys R Us is the largest toy retailer in the country and also operates Reggies toy stores.

"We have earned the trust of parents and consumers by always providing safe, educational and developmental toys and any threat posed receives our most urgent attention."

"Toys R Us will, without hesitation, refund the full amount of R65 to any customer who returns this item, with or without the cash slip", said Zimmerman.

The South African Bureau of Standards on Sunday said the lead found in the paint used in the Barney toy could be toxic.